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I’m Shannon Parker, and I am glad you’re here. If you need help organizing, I can do it!

My organizing started at home.

Growing up, I enjoyed cleaning up my room. Why?! Because it included organizing and then things were easy to find, and the space was comfortable. As one of 7 children, it was the space I could plan, arrange and rearrange. Since then, I have read many organizing books and have learned so much that has enriched my ability to bring order and structure where needed.

In your home, I’ll help you declutter, sort, and organize to streamline or repurpose your space. Coming from a large, blended family, and now having a son of my own, I understand the value of organization in a whole different way. We live in a busy society and oftentimes, our desire for an organized home seems unattainable. Whether you want help organizing a playroom, home office or storage space, I can help. Read More about Organizing Families

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Organizing for Business

Being the daughter of entrepreneurs comes with lots of opportunities. When my mother opened each new cosmetology school campus, I planned the Open Houses, and later coordinated graduation ceremonies and job fairs. In other work, I would use organizational skills planning events; developing plans for staffing; marketing and promotions; training and development; web design; new software installation; family engagement; and process improvement. I created a quality improvement group, organized workspaces and helped reorganize a hotel restaurant space for improved usability, saving time and improving the customer experience. I’ve managed a large amount of scheduling in various roles, essentially organizing appointments, tasks or room reservations.

I’d like to help you arrange for a more efficient, productive and comfortable workspace. I can also help organize ideas and information into workable plans. Read more about Organizing Businesses

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Shannon Parker

Shannon Parker