1. Add a shoe rack 
    • Choosing a rack to fit 2 pairs of shoes per family member near the door, makes it easy for them to put the shoes here and not track in mud, snow and ice.
    • There are trays that will retain the moisture or racks where the moisture falls through the rack onto the floor, so consider which is best for your use.


  1. Place 1 or 2 baskets for hats/ gloves/ mittens/ scarves on a table or counter near the door, or on the top rack of the shoe rack. 
    • If you don’t have any usable counter or table space for this, you could also purchase a small rolling cart to accommodate the basket which can be pulled out for access and rolled back underneath a counter, kitchen island when not needed. 
    • Another option is to install cubbies, especially helpful with smaller children.


  1. Install coat hooks on the wall inside your entrance.
    • If you prefer not to install coat hooks into the wall, look at Command strip options or purchase a free-standing coatrack or combo coatrack/bench or coatrack/cubby for ease of use.
    • Hang daily-use coats and umbrellas. Store other coats elsewhere.


  1. Purchase a boot dryer and keep it near the door in winter.


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