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When I set out to organize my own kitchen a few years ago, I had some drawers and cabinets that were out of control! A year later, we had maintained this drawer in particular, and other spaces as well. Others, I have reorganized at least twice as our needs changed.

Do you wonder what to make for dinner, and open your cabinets, only to waste time rooting around to find ingredients? Do you want to reach in and pull out items in a snap for a delicious, quick, and wholesome meal? Have you thought of making an inventory of your pantry to list what is on hand and what to replenish, but it was an overwhelming idea? How many times have you bought something at the store, only to realize you already had it in your pantry or cabinet? Let’s hear it for 12 jelly jars! Or maybe the opposite is true, you thought you had the items to make cookies for the bake sale or salad for a get-together, and discovered that you were missing a key ingredient, and the stores were already closed?

Reorganizing your food storage areas can be beneficial in time and money savings, convenience and headache-avoidance! Take it a shelf at a time, a cabinet at a time. Think of the time spent organizing as an investment, which will be worth your time and effort. And, if you need help, contact us for a consultation.