Let’s take a poll. Who has bought something at the store, only to realize you already had it in your pantry?

Or maybe the opposite is true – you thought you had everything you needed to make cookies for the bake sale or salad for the picnic. Until you discovered you were missing a key ingredient, and the stores were already closed! If only you had your baking supplies organized!

When you are wasting time, energy and money, you have three good reasons to get your kitchen in order.

When I set out to organize my own kitchen, I had some drawers and cabinets that were out of control! A year later, we had maintained most of the drawers and cabinets. Others, I have reorganized at least twice as our needs changed. Pay attention to the warning signs of when it is time to clean out your cabinets and reassess storage systems.

If it takes more than a minute to locate what you need in the kitchen, chances are you need an overhaul. Start by taking everything out of a space, disposing of what is expired or you no longer use or need. Then, wipe down the shelf or drawer. Next, sort the items you plan to keep by category. Baking, grilling, measuring, cutting/peeling, openers for bottles and cans, etc. Finally, put everything back in the space, separating in bins or with drawer dividers.

Reorganizing your food storage areas can save you money and time, and increase convenience and headache-avoidance!

If the thought of organizing the entire kitchen seems overwhelming, take a breath or two. Then take it a shelf at a time, a cabinet at a time, a drawer at a time. Think of the time spent organizing as an investment, which will be worth it. And, if you need help, contact us at 617-297-7763 or schedule a complimentary phone call today.