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Our Customers

…Thanks so much for helping me clean out my car last week. I truly appreciate it. You are a God-sent. Thank you, O Lord for all you do for us daily, in Jesus’ name…. Lillia Greaves, Wellesley, MA

This is from Arrange For It’s first customer, who was active in ministering to the homeless and families in need. She used her car as a utility vehicle, stocked with: clothing, toiletries, foods and sundries; and a cooler full of water bottles. All so she could be ready to provide to those in need.

We removed everything from her car, sorted out the trash and recycling and then made kits for the homeless, with her mother’s help. We packed it all back in an organized fashion, and before I knew it, she was packing me in the car to make a trip to pass out cold water on the nearly 100 degree day, to the homeless in Boston. I remember her fondly and appreciate her allowing me to help.

Dear Shannon,

I really wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and hard work during this time. You have been really supportive and understanding. I was so pleased that my apartment is starting to feel more like a home. God bless….

Mary Ellen, West Roxbury, MA

You’re pretty helpful to have around. You have a lot of great ideas. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate you a 5, but only because I can’t rate you a 6!

Jameson, Brighton, MA