“It’s so welcoming!”

Customer of a pop-up shop we set up in a client’s home.

“It‘s because of you, Shannon, that my kitchen is now organized!

Sherry, Dedham, MA

“Shannon helped me get organized with getting rid of all my paper and that carried on to getting organized in other areas of my home and office.”

Linda, West Bloomfield, MI (a Virtual Organizing client; original review posted on Alignable)

“Thank you, Shannon. From stress to peace. So nice to feel a sense of peace when opening these drawers in pantry. I may just have to leave them open!! Thank you again. I really enjoyed working with you and I appreciate you coming out.”

Linda, Bristol County

I feel like my dining room is thanking me. I feel like it was a little stressed before and now it is a little less stressed…. Would you come back?

Deirdre, West Roxbury, Boston, MA

Before, I didn’t think it would be possible (to sort, declutter and pack up belongings to move) but now I know it’s possible. I would not have been able to do this without you.

Phyllis, Maryland (declutter and pack job in Taunton, MA)

We have had 4 sessions . We started with home office organizing to manage my home business and my non-home business. I highly recommend Arrange for It. Shannon was able to manage the high-level thinking with the tiny details necessary to organize. She was on-time, kind, came in with a dedicated system but was flexible to set up things in a way that worked with my small space and limited time. She was undaunted by the amount we had to do.

Virginia, Roslindale, Boston, MA

I praise God that Shannon was able to spur on organizing my home especially right before we received water in our basement in Ohio. I praise the Lord Jesus for bringing me out of complacency and procrastination to order. The initial video call with Shannon was helpful to begin with specific instruction and steps to follow with my bookshelf and dresser. I received step by step ideas on how to start even with my daughters rooms also. We did pray together to God to ask Holy Spirit to lead and guide! I have been able to donate to a local preschool and donated at local church sales. I am excited for all the progress and my husband also is pleased!

Rhonda, Boardman, OH (review posted on Facebook)

I highly recommend hiring Shannon to come help you organize any room or space in your home, office, school, church, wherever! She is efficient and fun to work with. The money I spent on the help she gave me to organize my tiny kitchen was well worth it. The room not only looks better, but I save time and effort finding things that are sorted, well placed and all in the same space where I use it. It was great to have help in purging, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, what to consolidate (which creates new space!) and organizing everything. She helped me make better use of the space I have!

Anne, Roslindale, Boston, MA (Google & Facebook reviewer)

Shannon asked lots of questions, was on time, careful with my things and left things neat and tidy. I hate clutter and hadn’t been able to take care of it like I want to. She listened to me and did things like I wanted. I wanted it to be easy for me to see everything and get to it. I couldn’t do my lunches before but i wanted it so it would be easy for me. After Shannon organized the cabinets, I was able to find my soup – right away and not spend 30 minutes looking for it. I made my lunch every day this week because I was able to open the door and see everything. It makes a big difference in my life to take care of myself better. This is what I call living!

Ms. Alma, Roslindale, Boston, MA

Shannon is truly amazing at what she does, helping people get through their own “stuff”. It is a blessing and honor to have her guidance in times of distress and disorganization. She will leave you in peace with your space and your belongings. Clutter needs to be managed and Shannon’s natural talent and skill to manage belongings is remarkable. Take advantage of a wonderful resource in Miss Shannon. Think of how it feels to be relieved of a burden, that’s how working with Miss Shannon will leave you feeling~ unburdened by “stuff” and able to concentrate of actual life! Book an appointment and speak with her, and you will already feel relieved just speaking with her! Do it now, grab your opportunity!

Julie, repeat customer

Shannon has been there to rescue us from ourselves. Shannon’s work is thorough, thoughtful, kind, caring, understanding and logical. Shannon Parker is the best professional organizer I’ve worked with. Not only did she help me organize our home on a regular basis, but she helped in a jiffy when I needed to pack up everything and move to a new place. Shannon is wonderful to work with. She passes the time with great conversation, an open and happy heart and sincerely loves to organize. Shannon gives practical, logical and fun ideas for your spaces and your possessions. Give Shannon Parker an opportunity to help you “reboot” your space, you’ll be glad you did!

Julie, Brookline, MA

Great Organizer! She asks a good number of questions before starting so she can best tailor her work for your needs and provide a customized solution for any messy space. She did a fantastic job with our closets — lot of clothes, now all set up nice and neat, easy to maintain and take care for the future.

Miriam, Roslindale, Boston, MA

I really wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and hard work during this trying time. You have been really supportive and understanding. I was so pleased that my apartment is starting to feel more like a home. God bless….

Mary Ellen, West Roxbury, Boston, MA

You have a lot of great ideas. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate you a 5, but only because I can’t rate you a 6!

Jameson, Brighton, Boston, MA

…Thanks so much for helping me clean out my car (of supplies for the homeless) last week. I truly appreciate it. You are a God-send.

Lillia Greaves, Wellesley, MA