Decluttering is enough of a chore, and it makes sense to make it as enjoyable as possible. This can mean working in a particular space when the temperature is most comfortable, and avoiding bitter-cold spaces or ultra-hot and humid temps, whenever possible.

Another factor to consider besides temperature, is when a space is heavily used. When you need to access items in a space more frequently, this moves decluttering that space right up the priority chain. Think golfing in the summer…where are all my clubs anyway, and didn’t I just buy a new pack of golf balls?! Take away the stress and get your storage spaces in order to maximum time for recreation and save money not making duplicate purchases.

Top 5 Spaces to Declutter in the Summer

  • Basement: Basements are typically cooler in the summer than the outside temperature, and in cooler climates, they can be bitterly cold in winter. Take advantage of summer months to see what has accumulated, declutter what you no longer need, and tidy up storage containers. Be sure to keep all equipment needed for summer games and activities closest to where they will be used. This may mean keeping pool noodles and life jackets by the door closest to the swimming pool, and the grilling utensils at the other door leading to the patio or outdoor kitchen.
  • Shed & Outbuildings in areas with cold winters: To avoid tromping through the snow and ice, organize your Outbuildings in fair weather. This is a good time to check your stock for various supplies: gardening, home repair, painting, Carpentry, automotive, and any recreational supplies you may access in the summer.
  • Garage: Clear out space in the summer so you will have room to park your cars in the wintertime. And if you organize your workbench now, this can be your happy place during a snow storm.
  • Game Room/ Rec Room: After being out in the heat of summer, a game room can be a good place to cool down and enjoy playing games and chilling. Get this space in shape quick so you won’t be disappointed that missing game pieces make playing the game impossible, or to find out the air hockey table is not working. Be sure to organize all games, movies, and have easy access to cold beverages and snacks.
  • Outdoor Entertaining Areas: What better time to get a new grill? And replace torn outdoor cushions? Organize outdoor dining supplies so they are super-easy to access when you need them.

Now, you have the ideas and motivation. Before you get started with your declutter project, make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated, snacks at the ready and set a timer to periodically check your progress and refuel. Now, gather any helpers you may have, and dive into your declutter project. And if you need help long-distance, we can provide a DIY plan and coaching and accountability along the way. Boston area, we will come help in person. Call/text 617-297-7763 or email to: